Monday, 28 January 2013

Face of the day 28/01/13

Hey guys, this week has flown by I cant believe is has been a week already. So lets get started this is my face of the day, the products I use and my face from start to finish.
Brushes from
Primer from MUA (superdrug)
Foundation Miss Sporty so matte shade 2 (superdrug)
Concealer AVON colortrend
Eyeshadow pallet heaven and earth MUA (superdrug)
Eyeliner 2true (superdrug)
Powder Rimmel shade 001
Blush English rose MUA (superdrug)


I hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you have any requests for me or ideas please leave them as a comment. I'll see you again next week. 

Pretty in Peaches xoxo

Monday, 21 January 2013

What's in my make-up bag? and reviews.

I'm Back! I was planning on doing a what's in my bag blog for you today but I recently ordered a new bag so I thought I'd wait until it got here until I did that for you.

These are all the products I will be telling you about, I will talk about them in the order I use them in.

Okay lets get started!

I have spoken about this primer before, it is the MUA primer from Superdrug, this costs £4. This is the only primer I have ever used and I love it, it makes me make up go on more evenly and makes it last longer. I love this and would definitely recommend it!

This is the Miss sporty so matte perfect stay 14 hour foundation in shade 2. This cost me around the £3.50 mark. Now, it doesn't last 14 hours but it does last until I get home every day, so around 10 hours. It definitely needs a powder to stay matte and to stay put. Over all this product is okay, it isn't anything special. But it's the one I'm using at the moment.

Avon Colortrend concealer in shade light, I believe this was on sale for around £2. It isn't the best in the world but it does the job. It covers dark circles well but if you use too much it can become cakey.

Rimmel Stay matte powder in translucent this was around £3-£4. I love this powder it is the best one I have tried and I don't plan on changing the one I use any time soon! I would recommend this to anyone!

Chilli Pepper blusher pot from Boots. I have no idea how much this costs but it is a gorgeous pink with shimmer, it isn't very pigmented but either way I love this. I don't know if they still sell this I got it for Christmas a few years ago.

MUA heaven and earth eyeshadow pallet. This is my favorite! It cost £4 and I think it is well worth it! I love this pallet you can use it for any occasion and create so many different looks. I would recommend this to everyone!

2true effortless waterproof eyeliner black, this is £1.99 from superdrug. I have used this eyeliner for years I have tried many others and always come back to this. Now, I wouldn't say that it was waterproof but it is the same price as the regular one and does stay better, for me it is a no-brainer!

Collection 2000 supersize fat lash mascara in the shade ultra black, I got this from Wilkinsons for around £2.50 I think that is such a good price for such an amazing product. I love this, it adds a lot as length and fans lashes and gives the effect of more lashes, you can add volume by applying more product.

Rimmel London Rich moisture lipstick in Amethyst Shimmer. I have no idea where I got this from or how much it was but I would definitely recommend this if you like a pink lip, you can mute the colour a bit or make it super bright!

Firstly sorry my brushes are dirty. I got these in a set from I have a base eyeshadow brush a crease brush and a blending brush. I also have a powder brush and a blusher brush. I'm assuming you all know how to use these. I believe the set was on sale more around £2.50 which is an amazing price for around 12 brushes!

This was a gift so I don't know how much it was but I know that it was from superdrug. It is quite small but it fits lots in it!

This is a random one this is a perfume sample of VIVA by Fergie, I like to carry samples around with me in case I fancy a little freshen up and I feel this is the only way I will use my samples up.

Thats it guys, thank you for reading and I hope you liked it.

Pretty in Peaches xoxo

Monday, 14 January 2013


Firstly, I LOVE MUA it is so inexpensive and good quality. MUA is only available in Superdrug. I never pay a lot of money for make-up because I can't afford to and I don't see the point, you end up taking it off at the end of the day anyway.

Okay so these are the items I own and my opinions of them.

This pallet is the Heaven and Earth pallet and it only cost me £4 and because it has a mixture of matte and shimmer I get use out if it nearly every day. They are very pigmented and have quite good staying power, I have oily skin and eyelids so I have to use a primer but I have no problem with this product. I would highly recommend this item.

This is the primer I use, now... I have never used another primer so I don't have much to compare it to but since I have been using this I have noticed that my make up has been lasting longer and goes on more evenly. This also cost me £4 for 27ml but I would definitely re-purchase and recommend this.
I can not find this online so I can't put a link, ask in you're local Superdrug store for more information.

This foundation used to be my favorite the only reason I stopped using it is because I found a foundation that is better for my skin type. I have this in shade 2 and it does have a matte finish then as the day goes on it gets a bit dewy. the coverage is normal but it is build-able. I paid £2 for this and it is 30ml which a very reasonable price.

This is the first cream blush I have owned and I have this in the shade Dolly, I paid £2 for this so a very good price. I loved this when I first started using it, after a while I thought it made me look too dewy and having oily skin that isn't always a good thing. 
I couldn't find the link to the right colour but this is the same product:

This is a mosaic blush in the shade English rose, I love the colour but it is so shimmery it doesn't suit my skin type. It is such a shame and it was so cheap at £2.50. I would really recommend this for someone who likes a natural dewy look or someone with dry skin.

So, this is the mascara they make and it is only £1 and I wouldn't pay that for it again. You can tell that it is cheap I don't like the brush on it I feel you get barely any product on the brush so it takes a really long time to get your lashes how you want them to be. I wouldn't recommend this at all.

I have 2 MUA lipsticks in the shades Bare shade 14 and shade 9. Shade 9 is the one on top and this is a very wearable colour and perfect for everyday or for a party. Shade 14, bare is not, it is a lot brighter than it looks in the picture I picked up the wrong colour by accident and it really washes me out and just isn't a good colour for me. They stay really well and are very cheap at £1 each!*&brand=Make+Up+Academy&type=makeup12

Thank you for reading and I will be trying to post every week for you guys. 
Thank you, 
Melaina xx